Upstage’s visits to the Victoria Halls have brought creative and challenging opportunities to many children over the years. Some of whom had never taken part in drama, music or dance activities before. Thomas and his team are wonderfully skilled in bringing the best out of the participants as well as sharing new skills and developing and nurturing confidence and a sense of ownership amongst the groups. Parents are delighted to see the final performance and confirm their satisfaction by re-booking their son/daughter onto the next available course’

Jo Blagg – Head of Education, Victoria Halls, Stoke (Ambassador Theatre Group)

‘My sincere thanks for putting on another fantastic week here at BIS!’ (2016)

All the best,


Gil Grant

Extracurricular Activities Coordinator

Bonn International School

Dear Thomas,

After a successful Musical Week I would like to thank you for the fantastic work with our Students.

The project was just fantastic especially for such a short time. The feedback from the kids and the parents was very good!!

I am looking forward to our continued cooperation.

Thank you and see you soon.

Fatema Ansary

Head of Extra Curricular Activities

IBIS, Germany (2016)

Dear Thomas,

I hope this finds you well.

Did your programs in the other local schools go as well as it did at St. G´s? Hope so! (2017)

Philip Wharton-Head of Primary, St. George’s School, Cologne

Dear Thomas

I would like to thank you very much for another wonderful musical week in our school.

The children and their parents were again very impressed and happy.

Fatema Ansary - Head of Extra-Curricular Activities and Marketing, IBIS, Germany (2017)

"We truly enjoyed the work of the very professional staff of Upstage Musical Productionsand it had such a positive effect on our ESL (English as a Second Language) students…we could not believe how they came out of their shells! We look forward to having them back again at the Frankfurt International School for future productions!”

Todd D. Kearns Activities Director/ Assistant Athletic Director - Frankfurt International School (2016)

Oslo International School has worked with Upstage Musical Productions for 3 years before the Covid pandemic (2017, 2018 and 2019). They have really inspired our students in a creative and fun way during the summer camps they have held at OIS. Students enjoyed themselves immensely and learned how to take an idea and turn it into a full, creative production within one short week.

I highly recommend Upstage Musical Productions to any school interested in inspiring students to be creative!

John Town (2022)

Community Activities Manager


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Mr. Kett, as he and his team did an outstanding job with leading their Musical theatre during our school Spring Camps in 2017 and 2019 at Bonn International School.

Thomas immediately established trusting relationships with the children aged 6-12 years at the Camp and during the Musical. He pleasant demeanor and ability to inspire the children helped make the camp and a big success. The children enjoyed learning many new Musical and Theatre skills together with his team.

He will be a very positive addition to any camp, school or university. He traits of dedication and determination ensure this outcome. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work with such an outstanding individual as Mr. Thomas Kett and I give him my most sincere recommendation.

Rene Glinkowski (2022), BISSV Club Coordinator

‘Thank you for all your hard work, the girls really enjoyed it and parents were very happy – so a success all round – Hurrah!’

Headmistress- Mrs Sue Kirkham, BA Hons., MA

Alton Convent School, Hampshire

Parents Quotes

Thank you for letting us have the opportunity to enrol Amelia for the Easter Drama Project.

The drama teachers were patient and understanding and we appreciate that Amelia has had such a wonderful introduction to the 'world of theatre'.

After the days practice when I collected Amelia, she was beaming with pride. The final performance was watched by appreciative parents. There was a huge encore not only for our children but also for the fine actors from London for the great job they did. They created a unique and special environment for our children.

James Pastouna (Parent at St. George’s School, Cologne)

‘ Thank you! Christina is very excited to join the musical project and to see familiar faces again... ‘

M.Vinas, Brussels

'Youpiiii, brilliant! I know two highly motivated girls who still sing the songs from both, 2016 and 2017.....’


‘That's great news about you returning!

We will be spreading the word! The girls really enjoyed it and were singing the songs all summer!!’

Jennifer Holseter

Year 5 Class Teacher/Parent

Oslo International School

Childrens Quotes

‘I’ve had an amazing time. Fantastic!’

Kwame Owusu, 9 years

Absoloutely Amazing’

Freya Rooke, 14 years

Very Good

Kitty Archer, 11 years


Jake Cornwall-Scoones, 9 years

Fun and exciting. Loved the dancing

Agnes Bleach, 11 years

I’ve learnt a lot. Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed it

Patsy O’Neill, 13 years

A fun experience

Jo Wilson, 11 years